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After years, businesses are beginning to reopen their facilities for the safe return of the workforce.  In preparation for the return, businesses have been turning to rigorous cleaning, hand washing and chemical disinfectants. While effective, this does not address the source of the problem...the air itself.

As we now know, airborne transmission is a huge problem for stadiums, shopping malls, and commercial buildings.  The reason for this problem centers on malfunctioning HVAC and ventilation systems that facilitate the spread of viruses and bacteria.

The R Group 5-Step Ventilation

At the The R Group we have developed a comprehensive solution to address, mitigate and alleviate airborne pathogens

at the source-the ventilation system. We call this our 5-Step Ventilation Safeguard Solution.

Step 1: Biological

-UVC Germicidal Lighting

-Photocatalytic Oxidation (Titanium Dioxide)

-Needle Point Bi-Polarization Ionization

Step 2: Mechanical

-Sealing of AHU/RTU/ERV or DOAS

-SA Filtration Redesign for COVID aerosol component

-Exhaust Air Filtration & Re-entrainment

-Equipment Retrofits-Motors, Sheaves, RPM, Pressure

Step 3: Containment

-Airflow Pattern Assessment for Occupant Protection (CFD Particle Dynamics)

-Pressurization Adjustment-Special Rooms, Chambers, Restrooms

-IAQ Performance Adjustments per ASHRAE

Step 4: Maintenance

-Maintenance/ Operations Manual Upgrade

-Systems Manual Upgrade

Step 5: Assurance

-Commissioning Report

-Performance Check-Up-10 Month Warranty

Of course, a well-conceived engineering solution is at the heart of The R Group strategic approach. However, solutions that we offer cost money…so, we have made it part of our strategic to have access to CARES Act funds, traditional/alternative funding alternatives and federal, state and utility energy savings incentives to pay and offset costs. we capitalize on the available sources and include those offsets in all our budget projections.

To ensure a safe work environment businesses have been using rigorous cleaning, hand washing, chemical disinfectants, and a variety of other measures. While effective, this does not address the source of the problem…the air itself. As a matter of fact the CDC, ASHRAE, John Hopkins Hospital have confirmed that the coronavirus and similar pathogens are transmitted through the air via ventilation system.

HVAC system w/UVC eliminates:

  • Mold & biological growth
  • Unpleasant orders
  • Need for chemical coil/pan cleaning
  • Obstructive in ducts than occupied spaces

UVC on HVAC Coil:

  • Creates 8-20% energy savings
  • Provides ROI in 1-4 years
  • Restores coils & thermal efficiency
  • Increases condensation
  • Reduces fan amperage draw

Plus, UVC in HVAC:

  • Extends AUC life by 2 years
  • Creates efficient system
  • Ensures fewer service issues
  • Mitigate risk from sickness, death & disability

The design and operation of HVAC systems can affect infectious aerosol transport, but they are only one part of an infection control bundle. For a more effective solution–The R Group’s has integrated the use of UVC in HVAC systems as well as other known and tested biological, mechanical, and engineering techniques as well.

Pathogens Known to Live in Ventilation Systems






Bacilus Sp

Kiebsiella Pneumonia

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa


Enterobacter Aerogenes

Salmonella Thyphimurium



Aspergillus Niger

Aspergillus Versicolor




Candida Albicans

Stachybotris Chartarum









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