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TRG’s Energy Consulting team initiates their criteria with an analysis of absolutely low or no cost energy substitutes. This generally begins depending on your energy supply planning’s and demanding minor cost agreement in deregulated markets. Even in absence of energy savings (as compared to local service tariffs) you should still consider beneficial terms and conditions which are not offered from structured services. Often a commercial or industrial customer is eligible to receive service under numerous percentage of schedules. An Energy Consultant should be able to prove which rate schedule are best economically suited to you. Our Energy Consultants will be able to identify errors through a systematic audit process.

Strategic Energy Planning

We challenge you to view energy and sustainability issues strategically through unbiased leadership that will strengthen your competitive edge

Renewable Energy Consultation

We optimize your energy consumption and implement renewable energy initiatives that can make green energy a reality for
your business

Advanced Solutions Consultation

We solve your unique challenges with in-depth economic analysis, market expertise nontraditional data modeling
and algorithms

Strategic Energy Planning



Whether your goal is to become more ecological, use resources efficiently (including energy, waste, water, fuel), buy energy more effectively or all of the above, TRG is a tested knowledgeable firm that can help you with your requirements. As part of the strategic planning process, you will be assigned a single point of contact. Together with you and the appropriate TRG team members, we will identify your goals, energy risk tolerances, action plans and schedules for your program during the rollout campaign.



  • For a strong commodity risk management program, TRG will help you develop a Risk Profile which will inform the strategic direction of energy purchasing and the recommendations TRG will make.
  • TRG’s Sustainability Exchange will help you develop a clear definition and understanding of your sustainability situation. The exchange will help to identify and evaluate current business risks and opportunities related to sustainability.



  • The individuals on each TRG team are experts in their particular field, whether it is a particular commodity market, service category or project delivery. Our certified ecological development professionals are ready to deliver value to your entity.
  • Once we understand your program objectives, we make ensure your services and projects are carried out accurately and effectively.
  • We’re creative thinkers and have a passion for developing and implementing sustainable, financially-sound solutions. We are here to provide you independent focused leadership on the best interests of your enterprise.


Renewable Energy Advanced Solutions Consultation



We can help you capitalize on emerging renewable markets by first addressing feasibility, cost and corporate messaging objectives. Once you’ve established your objectives and determined the practicality of an investment, we’ll lead you through the implementation of the projects that make the most sense for your company.


Value Proposition

  • Reduce your companies carbon footprint and strengthen your brand.
  • Provides a more secure energy supply. Renewable energy sources are naturally occurring and won’t run out.
  • Various Government incentives available including certain tax exemptions under the climate change levy.



TRG leads the way when it comes to energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation and data centers/networks. We’re dedicated to helping individuals and organizations use energy wisely by leveraging our expertise and experience across a multitude of sectors. From the initial possible studies through to project execution and sustainability – each step of the way, we focus on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. Our global information and expertise helps you investigate, understand and profit from the next generation of energy.