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The R Group has been performing Energy Services and project consulting over 30 years delivering energy efficiency, renewable energy concepts, and direct installation of measures for existing building owners. We are based in Southern California servicing clients throughout the United States. We are comprised of LEED professionals, Certified Energy Managers (CEMs), Architects, Project Managers, and registered Professional Engineers as well as Energy Analyst. The R Group is committed to developing solutions that help clients conserve capital, reach sustainability goals, and reduce energy consumption by recommending and implementing fiscally responsible energy efficiency measures. Additionally, The R Group team members have helped building owners maximize project profitability through the sourcing of federal and state incentives.


TRG’s values are committed to delivering effective solutions that provide cost-effective, continued energy savings, maintain regulatory compliance, and optimizing facility operations. We lead teams that work closely with building owners/operators and the design community, as well as the construction industry, to maintain a balanced approach that accommodates the perspectives and recommendations of experts from key fields.
The founders and staff of TRG have provided technical and consultative leadership and vision since the company began in 1999. The principles established decades ago remain the cornerstone of the business:

  • Maximize the value of our client’s investment
  • Model, develop, modify, and build energy systems that assure the highest integrity
  • Provide comprehensive, affordable approaches to energy efficiency and environmental measures, using the best possible technologies for each application


The Team

The TRG team is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior service to our customers — and who have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver timely, well targeted, and affordable solutions. Their work experience covers the range of energy engineering including research, development, program design, measurement, feasibility studies of electrical/mechanical systems and energy resources for commercial and industrial facilities.

Individual team members for a given engagement vary depending upon project requirements, and are drawn from our staff and highly qualified affiliates.

Our staff includes:

Engineering— our engineers and specialists in electric and mechanical systems in commercial and industrial facilities. TRG’s engineering and analysis experts gain up-to-date, first hand knowledge of new technologies and performance variances between the lab and field applications through the multiple research-and-development projects we manage each year. They have extensive, practical experience in assessing existing and proposed systems to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. With vast experience in performing feasibility studies on focused equipment from thermal oxidizers to central plants we are here to assist you in a successful project delivery.

Energy Analyst’s—our analyst review and analyze your in electric, water, gas, and fuels in commercial and industrial facilities. TRG’s energy analyst review existing baseline usage and projected savings while normalizing the data to remove the fluctuating weather component from skewing the results. When results are presented to our clients, they can rest assured that information has been processed with our analyst having sufficient skill and talent delivering correct results.

Auditors — seasoned professionals with considerable experience visiting customer sites, assessing systems’ pre-retrofit status, and examining associated documentation. Our auditors and survey technicians have considerable experience in the process of visiting customer sites, assessing systems’ pre-retrofit status, examining associated documentation and identifying energy efficiency opportunities.

TRG’s auditors visit customer sites to identify recommended measures, describe cost-benefit considerations, make preliminary recommendations, and follow up to ensure installed measures have been completed according to specifications and are delivering the anticipated results.

For example, in many of our projects, our energy auditors perform an inventory of what is installed at the business site (Lighting, HVAC, Envelope, Water and process equipment), calculate costs of proposed energy efficiency measures and present a simple cost-benefit analysis to the customer, and provide customers with list of energy efficiency tips and other information on how they can save on energy costs.

Project Managers— Our project managers range from seasoned professionals with considerable experience to trained and certified individuals with experience at various project budget levels.  You receive the project tracking, budget tracking, review of implementation plan, experienced with processing project documentation (change orders, application’s for payment, etc.). Rest assured we bring your project back on track to be a successful installation when multiple contractors and changes become overwhelming our clients.

Support Personnel & Customer Service— congenial and efficient office staff who are focused on supporting our efforts to serve our clients effectively. With our streamlined operations and trained staff we pride ourselves in knowing that we can always identify the “who, where, when, and why” about your project at a moment’s notice.

Affiliates — seasoned professionals with considerable experience have partnered with TRG on delivering technical services to our clients. From visiting customer sites, assessing energy systems’ pre-retrofit status, and examining associated documentation, our affiliates work seamlessly to deliver value to the client. Our affiliates have considerable experience in identifying energy efficiency opportunities while delivering the philosophy of TRG.

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