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Over the period of 30 years, ‘The R Group’ has been providing project consulting and energy services that provide economical energy, renewable energy ideas, and fitting the measures for present building owners. We are grounded in Southern California servicing customers all over the United States. We cover Certified Energy Managers (CEMs), LEED professionals, Project Managers, Energy Analyst and registered Professional Engineers as well as Architects. The R Group is dedicated to emerging solutions that help customers safeguard investment, attain sustainability objectives, and maintain energy efficiency by mentioning and applying economically accountable energy efficiency methods. Also, ‘The R Group’ team members have assisted building owners exploit project productivity over the sourcing of federal and state incentives.


TRG’s are standardized to provide operative solutions that delivers economical, persistent energy savings, preserve guidelines, and boost facility tasks. We manage teams that work thoroughly with the design community and building owners/operators, along with the construction industry to conserve a secure method that houses the viewpoints and approvals of specialist from main areas.

The organizers and team of TRG have delivered consultative leadership, technical and idea since the foundation of company in 1999. The principles established decades ago remain the cornerstone of the business:

  • Maximize the value of our client’s investment
  • Model, develop, modify, and build energy systems that assure the highest integrity
  • Provide comprehensive, affordable approaches to energy efficiency and environmental measures, using the best possible technologies for each application


The Team

The TRG team is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior service to our customers — and who have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver timely, feasibility studies, well targeted, and affordable solutions. Their work knowledge accompanies the array of energy engineering counting measurement, program strategy, research, development, practical studies of mechanical/ electrical systems and energy incomes for industrial and commercial facilities.


As per the project demands, individual group members are appointed who are selected from our team of extremely skilled members.

Our staff consists of:

Engineering— Our Engineers and Experts in mechanical and electric systems in industrial and commercial facilities. TRG’s Engineering and analysis experts gain up-to-date knowledge of new technologies and performance variances between the lab and field applications through the multiple research-and-development projects. They are thoroughly acquainted through practical experience in evaluating standing and proposed systems to recognize opportunities to progress economical energy and decrease effective expenses.

With immense skill in performing practicality studies on dedicated equipment from thermal oxidizers to central plants, we are here to help you in effective project output.

Energy Analyst’s— Our analyst evaluates and examine gas, water, electric and fuels in industrial and commercial facilities. TRG’s energy analysts review standing baseline consumption and estimated savings while standardizing the data to eliminate the shifting climate factor from twisting the outcomes. When outcomes are offered to our customers, they can be confident that information has been managed with our analyst having adequate expertise and talent bringing precise outcomes.

Auditors — Experienced professionals with substantial knowledge visiting client sites, evaluating systems’ pre-retrofit status, and observing related paperwork. Our auditors and survey engineers have significant experience in the process of visiting customer sites, evaluating systems’ pre-retrofit status, examining associated paperwork and identifying economical energy opportunities.

TRG’s auditors visit customer sites to identify recommended measures, describe cost-benefit considerations, make preliminary recommendations, and follow up to ensure installed measures have been completed according to specifications and are delivering the anticipated results.

As an example, in some of our projects, our energy auditors execute an account of what is best fitted at the business site. (Envelope, Lighting, HVAC, Water and process equipment) estimate budgets for planned energy efficiency methods and provide a reasonable analysis to the clients and deliver clients with the list of economical energy tips and additional information on cost effective energy budget.

Project Managers- We have variety of project managers, from experienced professionals with significant knowledge and specialized individuals with capability at different reasonable projects ranks. What you get is budget and project tracking, review of operation proposal and experienced handling of project paperwork (claims for payments, change orders, etc.) We also get our project on proper track so as to be an effective installation when numerous contactors and modifications become our irresistible clients.

Support Personnel & Customer Service— Generous and well-organized office team who are attentive on assisting our determinations to serve our clients efficiently. With our efficient operations and skilled team, we acknowledge ourselves, that we can always isolate the “who, where, when, and why” about your project at an instant’s notice.

Affiliates — Experienced professionals with significant knowledge have aligned with TRG on bringing technical services to our customers. From visiting assessing energy systems’ pre-retrofit status, customer sites and investigating related paperwork, our associates work flawlessly to bring value to the customer. Our associates have significant knowledge in identifying energy effectiveness opportunities while bringing the viewpoint of TRG.

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