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While people spend 90% of their time inside, indoor air quality has not been a large focus of attention for facilities management and tenants until recently.  COVID outbreak has been bringing indoor air quality into the spotlight. The issue of poor indoor air quality is not new.  Airtight buildings, minimal airflow and limited ventilation have combined to create the Sick Building Syndrome. That’s why in 2021 with the passage of the Consolidation Appropriations Act, Congress made 179D (The Energy Commercial Buildings tax deduction) permanent.

Under 179D to new and existing commercial building owners are entitled to substantial deductions on their taxes. Section 179D outlines the requirements for a maximum potential tax deductions of $1.80 square foot (60 cents for Lighting, 60 cents for HVAC, 60 cents for Building Envelope).

As specialists in Energy Efficient Measures The R Group understands 179D tax deductions and always pass-on the savings to their clients.