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Most utility companies offer a number of rebates and programs for their commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental customers. They are dedicated to making these programs available to assist their customers in using energy and water more efficiently, saving money, and improving our environment. Your business can qualify for huge Rebates and Tax Credits for common energy-efficient equipment found in your commercial and industrial settings.

Get incentives for integration of innovative design technologies
into New Construction Projects


Unclaimed rebates are opportunities and dollars lost.

You don’t need a professional audit of your sites to know your facilities, equipment and processes are not as energy efficient as they could be. You’re considering a number of upgrades, but your capex budget is limited and you’re not sure where to get the biggest “bang for the buck.” Your projects may be eligible for utility rebates and incentives, but you don’t know how or where to begin the process.



Why Choose The R Group for Your Energy Incentives & Rebates procurement?

We understand today’s business owners are strapped for time. Navigating the rebate and incentive process can be complex for organizations to handle in-house. The R Group Energy Services & Consulting rebate service provides a turn-key solution to identify and process rebates and incentives for clients’ energy efficiency projects within the United States. This full-service program provides support for new construction, remodels, retrofit and capital maintenance projects, and, most importantly, facilitates a measurable utility funded return on investment.


Value Proposition

  • Researching, identifying and capturing rebates and incentive dollars for clients’ energy efficiency projects as part of our Rebate Manager Service.
  • Providing clients access to 30,000+ programs nationwide through our Rebate Tracker database.
  • Coordinating the project qualification process between the client, their vendors and the utilities of your enterprise.


  • The individuals on each TRG team are experts in their field of focus, whether it is a particular commodity market, service category or project delivery.
  • We become experts on you and your program objectives to ensure your services and projects are carried out accurately and effectively.
  • We’re creative thinkers and have a passion for developing and implementing sustainable, financially-sound solutions.
  • We provide you independent leadership always focused on the best interests.



☑ reducing operating costs
☑ improve comfort
☑ improve health
☑ increase productivity for building occupants
☑ conserve natural resources
☑ increase equipment life

Energy efficient buildings save money, showcase performance, and demonstrate how we can live within our environmental means. From both an environmental and sustainability standpoint, the well-designed building becomes truly relevant in today’s architectural dialogue. California utilities are encouraging high-performance, non-residential building design and construction, and a variety of solutions to building owners and design teams.

For any organization utility rebates and incentives are an effective way to decrease the initial cost and accelerate pay back for capital improvement projects, if done the right way.



With our many years of experience this is The R Group’s proven plan of action for customer satisfaction

  1. Meet with the client to review list of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs).
  2. We then determine which are eligible for a Prescribed Rebate and others that are considered Custom Rebates.
  3. Our engineers perform an extensive analysis of each custom EEM to determine the full amount of incentive eligible.
  4. We create a proposal that includes each prescribed and custom incentive’s calculation and description.
  5. On your behalf, we submit all required documentation to the utility.
  6. We regularly follow up with the utility to check on the status of the application, answer questions, and give explanations to their engineers about the custom incentive calculation.
  7. Finally, we obtain approval of the incentives and assist in obtaining the check from the utility.



Because we work hard to assure you that we will achieve the maximum incentives our compensation plan is simple:

☑ We verify eligibility for your rebate at no cost
☑ We prepare a service contract with equitable terms which typically starts at an average of %10 (and up) of the projected rebate amount.



☑ Energy Efficiency Retrofits
☑ Mechanical System Replacements
☑ New Construction Projects
☑ Major Rehabs and Renovations
☑ Retrocommissiong
☑Tenant Build-outs

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