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    Energy Consulting & Services



The R Group deals with comprehensive, professional customer service which comprises energy consulting, energy auditing, project management, water auditing, energy project financing, rebates and incentives, commissioning, utility bill analysis, space analysis and free consulting. The R Group benefits clients from several local and federal incentive programs as per the guidelines. These zones of business have grouped up in reaction to the particular requirements Co-op’s sale rise to municipal and commercial customers concerned about energy economical for office buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, multi-family and reasonable housing and school’s developments.

For longer and multipart projects which are highly time consuming is handled by TRG via our consulting services. TRG also deals with building and design professionals consulting services to municipalities, school districts and commercial companies. TRG can take advantage of our present proficiency in energy efficiency to deal professional services to assist developers and architects to make their projects energy efficient.

Tracking electricity consumption, energy efficiency, and total practicality has always been an essential part of TRG services.