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An audit of existing documents is followed by a visit from our fastidious in-house team, using the latest laser measurement technology. A measurement report is then created that gives you true insight into the performance of your building.

We provide you with our laser measured as-built floor plans are the strong foundation upon which our products and services depend.




Discovering Hidden Value

  • Clients discover thousands of additional square feet in their multi- million square foot portfolio using The R Group.
  • Net annual operating profits increase due to uncovered leasable/rentable space.
  • Space Analysis investments begin to generate increases in Net Operating Profits.

If your portfolio has not been measured since the 2010 BOMA update, then outdated standards are being used.

After re-measuring any building that would increase by 800 square feet of leasable space in the next 3 years, the client can realize an additional 240,000 square feet of additional space—the equivalent of a newly constructed office building—after a thorough laser-measured field verification determined the true dimensions of each building.

In less than 1 year, the client, based on the increased square footage and rollover of existing occupants, returned over 100% on their investment.  An investment which pays dividends annually.

There are published studies comparing the re-measured properties to comparable buildings within their respective sub-markets. This study discovered favorable amenity and service factors, which are instrumental in turning the discovered space into real value.

Below are sample buildings throughout the USA that have benefited annually from performing space saving analysis. Throughout the years as tenant build-outs occur your rent-able/leased space changes. Recover lost revenue now.



Processes are established that maintain the correct square footage for each of the building’s occupants, and the leasing team was educated in best long-term lease-information management practices.

Even though your Real Estate assets had been accurately measured in 2000, but from 2006 to 2013, no system was in place to maintain correct square footage and occupant calculations. These calculations—left to building management, space planners and architects—shrunk as each party used incorrect measurement methodology for individual occupants. Let The R Group Space Analysis team audit your building size and occupant square footage calculations. After taking detailed measurements and performing the necessary analysis, your square feet overage of lost rentable square footage can be uncovered saving you from years of missing revenue.

Decreasing Operating Expenses

  • Clients can realize annual savings by determining the accurate cleanable area of their properties.
  • Uncover previously overstated square feet in your contracts.
  • The R Group can provide a clear and defendable area calculations, which can assist in re-negotiating cleaning contracts.

In order to reduce operating expenses in your multi-million square foot portfolio, major commercial real estate companies can hire The R Group to determine the correct janitorial cleaning measurements for their properties. Incorrect space calculation methodologies are discovered, and an improved calculation is proposed, reducing client’s janitorial expenses by tens of thousands annually.